We’re Thankful

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It’s that time of year — pumpkin spice has taken control of our lives and we’re prepping to eat ourselves silly with family and friends. For so many of us, this holiday season is tinged with a bit of anxiety about what the future holds. And yet, in between slices of pie and our third…

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A Friend in the Field: The Shelter Photography Field Guide

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Batman is great, but let’s get one thing straight: you can bet Gotham would have stayed a big, scary mess a little longer if Robin hadn’t been tagging along for the ride. And is peanut butter truly as fantastic alone as it is with chocolate? Or jelly? Every Mac needs their (vegan) Cheese, and every…

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A Shelter Dog Story From Start to Happy End

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And for a shelter pet, that story can be the link to a lifetime of love and happiness.   Well, this is Indy before he had a photo that helped him tell his true story.   Indy arrived at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control as a stray and quickly captured the hearts of the staff and volunteers caring for him. With…

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Creating an Internal Stock Library Shelter Shot List

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When it comes to putting our best marketing foot forward in animal welfare, much of promoting our animals, services, and organizations comes down to being able to tell the stories of our work. Beyond promoting available animals, we start to connect with our communities best when we’re showing them everything from the enrichment we provide…

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Seen = Saved The Perfect Exposure Project Ignites Creativity and Lifesaving

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This year, HeARTs Speak’s Perfect Exposure Project (PEP) is celebrating 5 years of hands-on, collaborative workshops in shelter photography and marketing. In that time, the program has worked with more than 571 shelter staff and volunteers who represent 99 different organizations in 25 cities/locations! Even more importantly, those participants in past workshops will be able…

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Easy Tips for Great Shelter Pet Photos

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Photos are a vital part of not only finding homes faster for homeless pets but transforming the way communities perceive shelters and pet adoption. A great photo helps a pet make an emotional connection in an instant— and that can be the key to motivating someone to visit the shelter to save a life. Here…

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Your Social is On Fire! (Here’s How Not to Burn Out)

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Go you! You’ve been absolutely killing it on social media! Your posting schedule is robust, no comment goes unresponded to, and your engagement is through the roof. But, rather than riding high on your success, you’re feeling erratic. After months of highly-engaged posts, you’ve found yourself getting sloppy and uninspired. Each new push notification makes…

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How Photos Are Important to Pet Adoption: A Study

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For every 10 dogs that enter an animal shelter in the United States, approximately five are adopted, two are returned to their owner, and two never leave because they are euthanized or die at the shelter. To increase dog adoption, animal shelters often photograph dogs and share the photos online. As a member of HeARTs…

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Where Do Your Stories Go?

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Have you ever noticed that long after your body comes home from helping animals, your mind is still there with them, working through what you experienced that day? Or maybe you feel anxious or sad, but you can’t put your finger on why exactly. The answer, in part, is tied to the stories you’ve absorbed during…

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2018: The Year of Creative Collaboration!


As a new year begins, we’re taking stock of everything that made 2017 so fantastic, and the huge list of things we’re excited about for 2018. It includes the amazing shelters and rescues with whom we get to partner, the artists who tirelessly give of their talents to make the world a better place, kitten…

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