Communications Kit: Lost Pet Reunification

Lost Pet Preview Image

Lost pet reunification focuses on getting lost pets home to their people, and preventing pets from becoming lost again. Over the years, the animal sheltering field has come to recognize that many of the animals who we’ve historically referred to as “stray” are likely lost. They come to us well-cared for and in some cases,…

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Supporting Ukraine Through Pet-Friendly Art

Feature Image Ukraine Stained Glass Bird

We know we’re not the only ones who have felt our hearts and minds divided between trying to carry on with day-to-day activities and keeping up with what is happening in Ukraine these past few months. Beyond donations and support to charities supporting both the animals and humans in the region, we’ve found solace in…

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Communications Kit: Space Crisis

May 2022 Small Logos

When space crises strike, we need the community’s support and action to help us save lives. Whatever the inciting cause, the domino effect of space crisis situations means we need to get more pets into homes (foster or adoptive) faster, keep more pets with their families (and therefore out of the shelter), and simultaneously keep…

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