Bio Writing Cheat Sheet: Communicating Pet Personalities

Bio Writing Pet Needs

This worksheet has all the words and phrases we love to help you communicate effectively about a pet’s personality or needs. Use these phrases only when you know for sure that a pet needs to be the one-and-only, or even to help describe when they have a little extra energy, when they’re working on themselves,…

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Animal Name Inspiration

Pet Names

We’ve all had that moment in sheltering or rescue work, right? Where you’re faced with a litter of kittens or a new intake and the pet-naming section of your mind goes blank. Use this list for exactly those moments! Copy names listed here or let these jumpstart creativity in a bunch of amazing categories.  

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25 Days of Social Content Ideas

Social Content Info

Ever find yourself stuck on what to post on social media? Feeling a little burned out or tired of scrambling for last-minute concepts? Let us help you do the heavy lifting with ideas you can revisit over and over again to help inspire easy and meaningful interactions with your community of followers. Looking for more?…

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Inclusive Stock Photos: People and Pets Together

Updated Feature Image For Free Inclusive Stock Images

In 2023, we launched a site called, #ThankstoMaddie, in response to the gap in accurate and inclusive stock images for the animal wellbeing field. The goal of this photo library is to increase inclusivity and provide a welcoming environment for all community members. This library of photos is free to use for nonprofit and government-run…

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Zenspill SEO

Zenspill Logo For Perks

Fellow Artists Helping Animals member Jill Caren typically offers her 25+ years of SEO experience for over $2,000 but has a special offer for members only to access her services at 75% off. You have the option to: Get a full website audit for $500. Every audit will include a technical assessment, content analysis, and…

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