Hashtag Cheat Card

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Hashtags = happiness! Strategic hashtag use can help you build your Instagram following, and get your content seen by the right audience. Download this quick cheat card for some of the most commonly used hashtags for animal welfare posts. Looking for more tips and tricks to rock Instagram? Check out this post over on the…

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8 Tricks for Rocking Instagram


Growing a healthy, engaged Instagram following can feel like a slow process, but the good news is that just a little time and consistency can achieve a lot on this particular platform. As with any social network, some trial and error might be necessary to really learn what’s working, what content your fans respond to, and what post…

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Shelter Photography Basics, Part 3 Getting Great Photos Anywhere

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As we become more familiar with an environment — from play yards, to offices, to cat rooms and dog kennels — it’s natural to overlook their potential as stellar backdrops for adoption portraits. But beauty lies waiting in unexpected places, and this third installment of our Shelter Photography Basics series covers how depth of field and…

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Facebook Cover Image Template


Whip up a perfectly sized cover image for your Facebook page with this handy template! It includes the most current dimensions for both desktop and mobile, so you can plan an optimized design that looks great no matter where your audience views it from.  

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How Social Media Influencers Can Help Your Cause

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Integrate, Collaborate, Create! Do you often find yourself scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed when an annoying sponsored ad pops up? Are you more likely to like the post and click on the ‘buy now’ button, or do you just skip over it? In that same feed, you see a friend or your favorite…

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