Summer Games Overlay Collection

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Every great social event or movement provides an opportunity to get new eyes on the pets and programs you’re promoting! This collection of 42 (!!!) different overlays is designed to help shine a light on all your pets — but has some great options for seniors, long-stay pets, and those with special active interests (like…

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7 Genius Promo Ideas to Highlight Long Stay Pets

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Last month, in a presentation for the 2021 Best Friends National Conference, KC Pet Project’s Chief Communications Officer, Tori Fugate, and I were honored to present a fast-paced 25-minute workshop on Marketing Long-Stay Pets. At the end of the presentation, we shared a lookbook filled with successful campaigns and ideas for shining a light on…

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Instagram Hacks: Creating Reels in Minutes

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Reels are hot on Instagram right now and can help you organically reach more of your followers while also gaining exposure to a wider audience (and add new followers!). But the number one thing we hear from our friends in shelters and rescues is that it’s hard to find the time to create new reels…

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