Summer Games Overlay Collection

Feature Image Olympic Overlays

Every great social event or movement provides an opportunity to get new eyes on the pets and programs you’re promoting! This collection of 42 (!!!) different overlays is designed to help shine a light on all your pets — but has some great options for seniors, long-stay pets, and those with special active interests (like swimming or running, etc!). Mix, match and have some fun designing your own promotions and posts! Then contact your local media and see if this provides a great new opportunity to get your pets in the news!


*It’s important that as you design your promotions, that you’re up on trademarks around the “summer games” (see? We can’t say the “O” word!). Get all the official info you need on terms and designs that are off-limits via the Team USA Brand Usage Guide 


Download a zip file:



Access the Overlays via Google Drive