Do you believe there is power in numbers? We do!

Artists Helping Animals is our flagship program made up of hundreds of creative professionals and hobbyists united to provide shelter animals access to unforgettable, life-saving first impressions. They’re working together across the globe, providing more than 20,000 hours of service monthly, to support animal welfare organizations and one another, and to transform the world’s perception of pet adoption. They believe that collaboration is key to creating a world where no shelter animal goes unseen.

And we’ve saved a spot for you.

450+ artist members

47 states & 12 countries

12,500+ hours monthly

Your participation in our Artists Helping Animals program means playing an active role in helping more shelter and rescue animals find homes, directly influencing potential pet owners and giving them access to pets they may never have considered before.

Each year around 17 million people who are thinking about a new pet are undecided about where they will get one, and yet only 25-30% of the pets currently living in homes were adopted from shelters or rescues. We believe that better photos, positive marketing, and empowering a creative workforce within animal welfare has the power to create real and lasting change, especially when working alongside other progressive policies and practices.

Your annual membership donation of $50 not only serves to strengthen the community of artists working to help animals in need, it directly impacts all of HeARTs Speak’s programs, including helping us to serve more shelters and change the lives of countless homeless animals across the world. Together we can help to increase adoptions and save more lives!

As a member doing so much on behalf of animals, we also believe you deserve lots of karma points and are constantly seeking ways to fuel your good work, including:


  • Access to an ever-expanding library of educational tools and resources custom-designed to strengthen and complement your creativity and reach for shelter animals
  • A supportive community of creatives who can help provide inspiration, problem-solving, and opportunities for collaboration
  • Bi-monthly guest speakers on topics ranging from creativity to animal behavior to self-care, as well as hot topics in animal welfare
  • Bi-monthly member's only webinars covering a broad range of topics from positive marketing to better uses of social media and best practices for animal advocacy.
  • Monthly creative prompts to keep your mind engaged and refresh your practice, no matter the medium!
  • Unique vendor discounts exclusive to HeARTs Speak members
  • The opportunity to earn a generous licensing fee and sell your work through HeARTs Speak stock library, ‘Images With HeART’, simultaneously helping animals achieve more mainstream exposure
  • Get yourself on the local rescue radar while finding opportunities for paid work as an official artist member listed in our artist directory
  • Help extend our lifesaving services to more homeless pets by partaking in programs like the Perfect Exposure Project
Heartsspeak Join Artist

Artist Membership

If you currently use your creative medium to aid in the promotion of homeless pets, or would like to start doing so, please join us in our efforts! Our community embraces diversity and we’re proud to unite artists of varying skill levels and mediums, including photography, fine art, craft, and writing.

$50 MINIMUM ANNUAL DONATION (Tax-deductible! Yay!)

Upon registering for Artist Membership you will be asked to share one of the following:
  • An online presence in some format, such as a blog, website, social media platform, which reflects their specific work, style, professionalism, and interaction with the public and peers
  • Or if your work is offline, share a portfolio or selection of images that reflect proficiency of work, and an understanding of animals in terms of their comfort and behavior as subjects (where applicable)


There are no time commitments or quantity-related requirements for membership: Instead, we focus on values of open-mindedness, mutual respect, and a commitment to the betterment of the lives of animals and people who love them. Read more about our expectations of members in our Code of Ethics. You do not need to be a professional artist to apply -- hobbyists are more than welcome!