Artist Grant Recipient: John Bouma

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Thanks to the generous support of people and organizations that share our passion for animals, HeARTs Speak is able to provide member artists with the resources and tools they need to prioritize their work in the animal welfare community. John Bouma is our fourth featured recipient of the HeARTs Speak ‘Helping. Artists.’ grant.

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Don’t Lose Hope

Forhs Sheldon2

  HeARTs Speak artists are an exceptional breed. Our tough, seemingly impenetrable exteriors are complimented by soft and unapologetically patient centers. We’re loud and proud about our love and respect for all living things. We celebrate even the tiniest victories, and we hurt deeply when things don’t end happily. We’re altogether smart, focused, forces to be reckoned with, and the nicest people you’ll…

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Featured Artist: Karen Lifshey

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Karen Lifshey calls herself a “wife, mother, dog lover, procrastinator, photographer, writer, retired actress/singer/dancer, and couch potato.” We all know that last one can be a doozy and with a black lab named Ben and a beagle named Zuzu on the family roster, we’re guessing she has a pretty rigorous training schedule.

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