5 Tips for Writing an Effective Pet Bio


A quality photograph is worth its weight in gold for an adoptable animal, but an effectively written bio to accompany it is the juicy cherry on top. There’s no denying that words are a powerful vehicle for generating emotional connections; just think of your favorite piece of poetry or famous quote. A few thoughtfully selected…

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Success Story: Mali and Olivia


Few things fuel the soul like a happy ending. For those who are close to the day-to-day workings of animal rescue this is especially true. HeARTs Speak artists provide life-changing services to their communities, but sadly those photo shoots, portraits, illustrations, and written words aren’t always punctuated by a family walking off into the sunset with their newest addition.

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Artist Grant Recipient: Sheryl Mann

Luke Sheryl

For the past 4 years, HeARTs speak member Sheryl Mann, owner of  Flying Dogs Photography, has volunteered her services to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC. During those 4 years, Sheryl has not only photographed countless adoptable animals, but in 2014 created a stunning fine art calendar which raised a whopping $40,000 for Brother Wolf. Sheryl’s ‘Helping. Artists.’…

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Dog Shots

Charlotte Reeves Nav

Dog Shots is the second glorious e-book by HeARTs Speak Service Professional, Charlotte Reeves. Coupled with her first book, Fetching Photos, she has wielded a pair of must haves for any pet photographer’s toolbox. Her inspired imagery fills every page along with straightforward tips on tackling tricky shooting situations, and recipes for that perfect shot.…

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