Artist Grant Recipient: Sheryl Mann

For the past 4 years, HeARTs speak member Sheryl Mann, owner of  Flying Dogs Photography, has volunteered her services to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC.

During those 4 years, Sheryl has not only photographed countless adoptable animals, but in 2014 created a stunning fine art calendar which raised a whopping $40,000 for Brother Wolf. Sheryl’s ‘Helping. Artists.’ grant has enabled her to embark on a second calendar project, with the goal of compiling a 2015 version as successful as the first.  

Sheryl photographs animals for Brother Wolf on a weekly basis, providing her services during intake. This means each animal begins their shelter journey with a professional portrait, something sure to start them on the strongest path possible. Additionally, Sheryl invites foster pets and those with special or medical needs to her studio, for a more stress-free photography experience.

Sheryl says: “I adore the staff and volunteers at Brother Wolf and especially love each and every animal that walks through that door. It is my pleasure to help get each animal adopted and hopefully the animals will never have to walk through a shelter door again.”

Thanks to the generous support of people and organizations that share our passion for animals, HeARTs Speak is able to provide member artists with the resources and tools they need to prioritize their work in the animal welfare community. Sheryl Mann is our fifth featured recipient of the HeARTs Speak ‘Helping. Artists.’ grant.

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