Dog Shots

Dog Shots is the second glorious e-book by HeARTs Speak Service Professional, Charlotte Reeves. Coupled with her first book, Fetching Photos, she has wielded a pair of must haves for any pet photographer’s toolbox. Her inspired imagery fills every page along with straightforward tips on tackling tricky shooting situations, and recipes for that perfect shot. Charlotte holds nothing back in sharing her talent, expertise and true intention that you become a better pet photographer.

Based in sunny Brisbane, Charlotte Reeves is an on-location natural light pet photographer, specializing in

dogs. Inspired by her gorgeous Great Dane Kaya, and the pose-opposed Luna, Charlotte Reeves Photography officially opened in 2007. Despite hearty market research before opening her doors, she found that an old perception of pet photography still lingered among her client demographic. Coincidentally, a large part of her work went into creating awareness of what the industry has become. As her business grew, Charlotte also forged a steady path for the rest of the industry by setting high standards for both photographer and client.

When fellow pet photographers had questions, she answered them without hesitation. Seeing this interest as an opportunity to “help raise the standard of work of pet photographers everywhere”, Charlotte began sharing video tutorials and launched the website Learning Pet Photography. Eventually she created the Zoomies Pet Photography Workshop in partnership with fellow HeARTs Speak member Ruth O’Leary of Ruthless Photos. This year, guest photographer Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography will join them for the Australia workshop.

Dog Shots is a great addition to your creative arsenal, and the perfect read for those times you feel like you’ve lost your mojo. No matter how seasoned you are in pet photography, you will still have plenty of “oh yeah!” moments once you dive in.

Now, on to Luna. We just had to know more about this lovely, leggy goof ball. Lucky for us, she graced us with a few fun facts:

1. My favorite treat in the world is cheese.

2. I hate having my photo taken by mom, but I’ll happily pose for anyone else.

3. My favorite game is being chased around the house in slow motion while carrying a stuffed toy.

4. I love sticks, but not just any stick. They have to be the exact right size, texture, color and density.

So, that explains it…and if it doesn’t Luna has her own Facebook page.


Charlotte gives back in a multitude of ways, one being her affiliate program. HeARTs Speak is lucky to be included in this program, when you purchase either e-book through our designated link, 10% is donated to our organization.

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Alicia Bailey

Alicia Bailey

After a brief stint in corporate America, Alicia decided to follow her heart and work for the animals fulltime. She dedicates her time and skills photographing homeless animals for rescues and shelters, sponsoring fundraisers through her studio a+b photography, and providing occasional freedom rides. Alicia has worked with several organizations including APe Action, Best Friends Animal Society, NKLA, Hooves & Paws Animal Rescue, Everything Rosie, Pacific Coast Dog Rescue, and Living Free Animal Sanctuary.