Featured Artist: Sophie Gamand


Sophie Gamand is a fine art photographer with a dog obsession, and in 2010 she gave in to her obsession and began photographing dogs exclusively. Since then, Sophie has created some unforgettable series’, including Wet Dog, which won her a Sony World Photography Award this year. Her most recent series, Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution,…

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Dog Shots

Charlotte Reeves Nav

Dog Shots is the second glorious e-book by HeARTs Speak Service Professional, Charlotte Reeves. Coupled with her first book, Fetching Photos, she has wielded a pair of must haves for any pet photographer’s toolbox. Her inspired imagery fills every page along with straightforward tips on tackling tricky shooting situations, and recipes for that perfect shot.…

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Royce Chang: Running For A Cause

Rc 7

Here at HeARTs Speak, we know how a dog can inspire great things. Those eyes, those head tilts and those ears are powerful catalysts for doing something magical, especially if it means pushing the limits to help another. So when we found out that Royce Chang has fostered over 65 dogs for Angel City Pit…

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Featured Artist: Karen Lifshey

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Karen Lifshey calls herself a “wife, mother, dog lover, procrastinator, photographer, writer, retired actress/singer/dancer, and couch potato.” We all know that last one can be a doozy and with a black lab named Ben and a beagle named Zuzu on the family roster, we’re guessing she has a pretty rigorous training schedule.

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Featured Artist: Sara Cozolino

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Remember when there were no DVRs and you couldn’t wait to sit down and soak up every minute of your favorite TV show, commercials and all? Well, that’s what Long Beach Animal Care (LBAC) Facebook fans and potential adopters do every week after HeARTs Speak member, Sara Cozolino, spends the day photographing their adoptable animals.

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