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Social Media

Subscribable Editorial Calendar

Stay on top of your 2018 social content strategy and boost your marketing efforts through smart pre-planning with this living editorial calendar highlighting animal welfare-centric holidays and observances! Subscribe directly via your Google account, or download and import it into your own preferred calendar tool. We’ll be constantly adding to this calendar throughout the year. VIEW…

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Guide Social Media Live Streaming

Live-streaming is free, powerful and easily accessible: a win-win for you and animals in need! In this downloadable PDF guide, Colorado-based HeARTs Speak artist member Monique Rodriguez shares her tips and tricks for successful live-streaming on behalf of shelter pets.  

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Hashtag Cheat Card

Hashtags = happiness! Strategic hashtag use can help you build your Instagram following, and get your content seen by the right audience. Download this quick cheat card for some of the most commonly used hashtags for animal welfare posts. Looking for more tips and tricks to rock Instagram? Check out this post over on the…

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Facebook Cover Image Template

Whip up a perfectly sized cover image for your Facebook page with this handy template! It includes the most current dimensions for both desktop and mobile, so you can plan an optimized design that looks great no matter where your audience views it from.  

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Social Media On a Schedule

Social media is nothing short of a miracle for the world of animal welfare. It allows us to reach whole new audiences, save lives in creative ways, and maintain an affordable and effective marketing strategy while simultaneously transforming the conversation surrounding pet adoption into something more positive. But like all good things — it requires…

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Social Media 101 Infographic

On a mission to manage your social media presence more efficiently this year? Download this infographic, chock full of tips and tricks for making the most of each of the main social media platforms. This is great insight for shelters, too, so forward it along to anyone you think could benefit from a little social media marketing…

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