In Memory of Merlin

Merlin Kstephenson

Merlin was my very best buddy for 17 years. When he was a kitten he’d grab hold of the zipper on my jacket in his teeth and zip it up and down. He loved to cuddle and nap in my lap while watching TV then he’d get the rips and race around the house in…

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Honor Your Pet


Would you like to add your pet to the Honor Wall? We created this virtual space to celebrate and remember the pets who have changed our lives, and in doing so hope to encourage others to find their soul pets through adoption, as well. You can become part of our movement to create more connections…

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In Memory of Michie


Michie – you hobbled into my life and stole my heart. You left this world way too soon after a fierce battle with Valley Fever and my heart broke into a million pieces.  I will never get over losing you. I miss you so much. – Jill Flynn

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In Memory of Portia

Great Dane On Wooden Deck

Portia came to us with her sister as foster puppies. After about a day, we realized they were both very, very sick. They ended up having Parvovirus and because the rescue they were with didn’t have the funds to save them, they wanted to put them down. The rescuer that pulled them from the shelter…

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In honor of Paddy

Grey and tan pit bull dog with white chest looks up with mouth open and tongue wagging, photo taken from above

He was my very best friend, my reason for the work I do, and my greatest joy in life: A goofball with great comedic timing; a sweetheart who changed a lot of minds and opened many hearts; the most patient and playful big brother to our younger dog, Sally; and truly the softest and snuggliest…

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In Memory of Neko

long haired brown tabby cat, close up on her face

Neko came from a rescue run out of a women’s clothing store in Kent, CT where cats serenaded you as you shopped. Tiny, but tough, Neko chose us and we happily obliged. Neko was an adult cat when we adopted her, and she lived with both my parents, and then ultimately my family, (because my…

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In Memory of Gabby

Brindle pit bull dog wiht cat on her head lays on a puffy orange bed and smiles into camera

Gabby was my creative muse! She was always up for fun days of shooting. She was the absolute best. Gabby loved all creatures big and small. Every foster I brought home was loved by her. She even helped an ancient blind feral cat eat again. She was amazing on every level. – Lori Fusaro

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