In Memory of Portia

Portia came to us with her sister as foster puppies. After about a day, we realized they were both very, very sick. They ended up having Parvovirus and because the rescue they were with didn’t have the funds to save them, they wanted to put them down. The rescuer that pulled them from the shelter here in Texas and also fostered 4 other puppies in the litter fought to find another rescue to help them. She did find a rescue in Colorado and we ended up doing in-home treatment for them, which included sub-q fluids and many other injections and medications.

It was quite honestly a nightmare, but so worth it. Portia and 3 of her littermates survived and were eventually shipped up to Colorado because they weren’t being adopted in Texas (you know, because black dogs don’t adopt out as well as others). All but Portia were adopted in Colorado and when we found out she was transferred from one foster home to another, we decided we needed her back with us. My husband met the foster ½ way and we brought her home with us. She lived to be 8 ½ years old. She passed away suddenly from a Hemangiosarcoma. We miss her every day. She was such a sweet and gentle girl. – Jenny Froh

Great Dane On Wooden Deck