In Memory of Lukas

Img 0608

Lukas was the most unique cat I’ve ever met, there’s a reason we used to say he arrived in a flying, motorized teacup (cue jetson’s flying car sound effects here)… He “raised” my dog Iggy to love, respect, and bow down, to ALL cats. It was as if he helped to raise all 3 of…

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In Memory of Gulliver

Grey and white pit bulls dog leans over his puzzle toy and looks into the camera

He was kind to everyone, respectful, a comedian, sooo smart, and just the cutest most lovable, huggable sea lion we ever did meet. We loved, and will forever love him so much, and I know he felt the same for us. Gull Gull, you are such a good, good, dog. At least you are finally…

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In Honor of Bubba

tan pit bull type dog looks into camera with beautiful fall leaves behind him

Bubba was adopted in 2019 after he was found as a stray out in the middle of nowhere. He great and a massive goofball, who helps us raise our foster puppies! – Becca Gobeille

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In Memory of Dexter

black french bulldog with tongue out and orange ball between his paws

Dexter was adopted through French Bulldog Village (FBV) around the age of one year, three months. Due to his severe acid reflux, he had been in four different homes before being surrendered to FBV. It took him one long car ride and one full day in his new home to figure out that we were…

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In honor of Isabella Mia

Mia And Dave B Dave Berger

“The one who came to be known as Isabella Mia… 9pm, crossing the road in front of our car; we stopped; she hesitated and looked our way, then proceeded to dart in front of the oncoming car. We witnessed the hit; the tumbling; the still animal on the road. Within seconds we had the stunned…

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In Memory of Tabby

Tabby Julie Julie Rickmond

“I grew up with animals from the time I was born, so I really think my parents instilled that love in me from the beginning. We lived on a dirt road in rural West Virginia, and we often had animals dumped on our road, or even in our driveway. My family always took them in.…

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In Honor of Blu

Red 125 Jasmina Sumanovic

“I first started to volunteer when I moved from Germany to California and wanted to meet people with similar interest like mine. AT that time my focus was more on helping by donating my time to help walking dogs. This quickly extended when I saw that the shelter (Palm Springs Animal Shelter) had a photography…

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In Honor of Stella

Stella Bw Laura Wombwell

“This girl has always been the reason I picked up a camera. Stella, my soul dog. A Puppy Mill Mama for the first six desolate years of her life. When rescued, she was broken, under-weight and so very scared. Making Stella’s golden years a million times better than her start was the most rewarding thing…

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In Memory of Ignatius Bodhi Sattva


“Iggy came to me at just 12 weeks, and the bond we developed over the next 13 years was unlike any I’ve ever experienced. Despite the extreme sadness and pain of losing him, I am eternally grateful to have been blessed with being on the receiving end of his fiercely loyal dedication and love. I…

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