In Memory of Lukas

Lukas was the most unique cat I’ve ever met, there’s a reason we used to say he arrived in a flying, motorized teacup (cue jetson’s flying car sound effects here)…
He “raised” my dog Iggy to love, respect, and bow down, to ALL cats. It was as if he helped to raise all 3 of my human children, always happily greeting all of the large groups of teenagers to countless parties at our home. He never ran from people, always towards. He was the peaceful leader of the animals in this house, and his sudden passing is taking us all a while to wrap our heads around.
Thank you for being the amazing Lukas with the Lid Off, Lukas, and making this last 15 years so special for all who had the good fortune of getting licked by and/or drooled on by you. – Lisa Tatsuko Prince Fishler
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