What HeARTs Speak Artists Are Thankful For

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As artists of many mediums volunteering our work to animal shelters across the globe, we are exposed to a world that gives us the opportunity to feel thankful every day — for the countless adoptable pets we meet, hardworking shelter staff and volunteers, and a quality paintbrush that just feels ‘right’ in your hand. With Thanksgiving on…

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Old n’ Bold: 6 Senior Pets Who Get Friendship

Gummy Bear

Fine wine, fancy cheese, and your favorite jeans are all things that only get better with time, but they’re no match for companion animals when it comes to the art of aging. November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, a 30-day-long celebration befitting the old souls waiting in shelters for a retirement home of their very own. Here…

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Perfect Exposure for Kansas City’s Shelter Animals

Pep 12

The Perfect Exposure Project began as a seed of an idea back in 2013. It was planted by the realization that, while the HeARTs Speak community continues to welcome professional artists and photographers around the world with a passion for helping, sharing our collective knowledge can stretch our reach even further. Serving as a fresh, innovative approach

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Ridge Dogs: Sharing A Path to Betterment

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Throughout years of history, dogs have established themselves as (and evolved to become) star examples of good character and first-class companionship. Rolled into each of their respective resumes is one particularly standout quality: the ability to love unconditionally. Utterly free of judgment and supremely accepting, a dog can serve as a bridge between human worlds, cultivating unlikely connections…

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