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Archive for July 2018

Your Social is On Fire! (Here’s How Not to Burn Out)

Go you! You’ve been absolutely killing it on social media! Your posting schedule is robust, no comment goes unresponded to, and your engagement is through the roof. But, rather than riding high on your success, you’re feeling erratic. After months of highly-engaged posts, you’ve found yourself getting sloppy and uninspired. Each new push notification makes…

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Guide Tips for a Stress-Free Photo Session

A photo shoot has lots of moving parts but, with a little planning and care, they can remain stress-free and comfortable for everyone involved. In this downloadable PDF guide, Brittany Muscato, former Digital Marketing Specialist at Humane Society of Broward County in Florida, shares her tips and tricks for photo shoots that keep your models safe and happy,…

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Bio Writing Toolkit

A good, relatable bio is the ultimate sidekick to a wonderful adoption photo! But with so many animals in need of great promotion, it can get hard to stay creative and inspired. This toolkit features a selection of bio writing resources from our EDU library, all bundled together to make fun, catchy, and accurate bios easier…

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Editable Dating App Template

Swipe right! This editable dating app-style template was designed by Artists Helping Animals member Eliza Rosen, and is a fun way to promote adoptable pets! Customize the text conversations, emojis, and add their details. Here’s a tutorial video for using this template! You’ll need Adobe Photoshop to open this file and update the layers.   

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5 Fast Tips for Great Pet Bios

Start With What You Notice When you meet this animal or see a picture of it, what immediately stands out to you? From big to small, to outlandish to obvious — jot it all down! The most compelling descriptions are relatable and describe animals the way we describe our own pets. Use this opportunity to…

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Guide: Your Social is On Fire! (How Not to Burn Out)

Social media is a powerful tool, and central to so much of our marketing efforts on behalf of the animals. But because it’s always ‘on’, it can sometimes feel impossible to unplug. In this downloadable PDF guide, Brittany Muscato, Digital Marketing Specialist at Humane Society of Broward County in Florida, shares her tips and tricks for managing social media…

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Differently-Abled Pets: Promo Toolkit

3 legs? No eyes? No problem! Differently-abled pets experience the word with a whole lot of heart, and this digital promo toolkit can help you promote their boundless awesomeness! Inside you’ll find a set of easy-to-use photo and image overlay designs plus a messaging inspiration worksheet for quick and impactful social posts and marketing or…

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How to Make Shelter Marketing Magic, No Matter Your Setup

Getting into marketing was one of the most intimidating, exciting, overwhelming, and fun things I have ever done in my professional career. I had always loved taking pictures of animals at work, and they would usually come out okay. They were never totally in focus and the lighting was sometimes a little off, which I…

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How Photos Are Important to Pet Adoption A Study

For every 10 dogs that enter an animal shelter in the United States, approximately five are adopted, two are returned to their owner, and two never leave because they are euthanized or die at the shelter. To increase dog adoption, animal shelters often photograph dogs and share the photos online. As a member of HeARTs…

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