Shelter Photography Basics, Part 1: The Exposure Triangle

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The 3 Stooges. Charlie’s Angels. Rock, paper, scissors. History is full of awesome trios, but our favorite is the exposure dream team, more formally known as the exposure triangle. It’s the magical interaction between aperture, ISO, and shutter speed that forms the foundation of a great photograph — a photograph that could connect a homeless…

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Guide to Taking Great Cell Phone Photos

Cellphone Image

A stellar portrait is a vital step to helping an animal connect with a potential adopter. With the right light, a little consideration for your background, and some insider info on what settings to use, your cell phone can be a powerful tool for creating unforgettable adoption portraits that save lives.  

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Social Media On a Schedule

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Social media is nothing short of a miracle for the world of animal welfare. It allows us to reach whole new audiences, save lives in creative ways, and maintain an affordable and effective marketing strategy while simultaneously transforming the conversation surrounding pet adoption into something more positive. But like all good things — it requires…

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