Recruiting & Celebrating Volunteers Marketing Toolkit


Foster families and volunteers of all kinds are central to the missions of animal welfare organizations — from walking dogs to cleaning to providing creative skills, there are so many ways their services can be put to lifesaving use, and this free toolkit can help you both celebrate your existing helpers and recruit new ones!…

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Earth Day Marketing Toolkit


Earth Day is the perfect time to promote pet adoption as both a way to ‘recycle’ and an opportunity to find a friend to explore our magical Mother Nature with! Visit our tutorial videos under ‘video learning’ for tips on how to use our digital image overlays. There were designed by our awesome, animal-loving friends at Barefoot Proximity…

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7 Tricks for Photographing Guinea Pigs

Photo Joeyphoenix 7

Guinea Pigs are notoriously adorable – their teensy lips, their fuzzy cheeks, their penchant to demand treats five seconds after they’ve already been given one – but they’re also notoriously difficult to photograph. That is, unless, you know how to bribe them. I started photographing guinea pigs 5 years ago after adopting my first pair,…

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