In Honor of Blu

“I first started to volunteer when I moved from Germany to California and wanted to meet people with similar interest like mine. AT that time my focus was more on helping by donating my time to help walking dogs. This quickly extended when I saw that the shelter (Palm Springs Animal Shelter) had a photography team and was looking for additional helper. I turned my passion for travel photography into an obsession to photograph animals and help them get more exposure. The animal who made sure I would continue with this path is Blu. When I met her she had been for more than 4 years at the shelter and not a single person in that time had requested to meet her. What started as a trial to see how she is outside the shelter and to get some good picture of her outside the shelter environment ended in me first fostering her and then adopting her. She has changed my life as much as I have changed hers and she motivates me every day to continue with what I am doing” – Jasmina Sumanovic

Red 125 Jasmina Sumanovic