Do you remember the first time you saw your pet?

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In 2006. I was considering adopting a new dog and I joined the forum for a rescue near me (in the days before social media). I was drawn to this group because the person who ran the rescue was a photographer, and he took beautiful photographs that tapped into the souls of the dogs in his care. The…

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In Memory of Merlin

Merlin Kstephenson

Merlin was my very best buddy for 17 years. When he was a kitten he’d grab hold of the zipper on my jacket in his teeth and zip it up and down. He loved to cuddle and nap in my lap while watching TV then he’d get the rips and race around the house in…

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Honor Your Pet


Would you like to add your pet to the Honor Wall? We created this virtual space to celebrate and remember the pets who have changed our lives, and in doing so hope to encourage others to find their soul pets through adoption, as well. You can become part of our movement to create more connections…

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Why I started HeARTs Speak

Iggylisa V1

A letter from our Executive Director It was the deep connection and love I felt for my own dog, Iggy, that inspired the idea for HeARTs Speak. I actually fell in love with my boy well before meeting him, through beautiful, emotive, photographs. The experience of adopting Iggy opened my eyes to how important that…

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