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Why I started HeARTs Speak

A letter from our Executive Director

It was the deep connection and love I felt for my own dog, Iggy, that inspired the idea for HeARTs Speak. I actually fell in love with my boy well before meeting him, through beautiful, emotive, photographs.

The experience of adopting Iggy opened my eyes to how important that choice to adopt really is. It motivated me to use my camera to help make life-saving connections for other animals just as amazing as he is, waiting for homes in shelters and rescues.

With this in mind, our flagship program, Artists Helping Animals, now over 600 strong, was born. We’re a love army spanning 48 states and 22 countries and transforming the image of shelter pets together across the globe. I honestly could not be more proud! (Thank you!)

Though we have members providing creative services to over 1⁄4 of the 13,000 shelters in the US alone, there are many shelters and rescues without the time or resources to give their animals this same creative leg-up. The Perfect Exposure Project was born to do just that and in 4 years we’ve held 25 PEP workshops with over 500 participants, shining light on over 200,000 shelter animals! This year, we also launched HeARTs Speak EDU, a program that makes much of this educational content available online, easily accessible for anyone who wants or needs it.

As a nonprofit organization, we are 100% reliant on donations to drive and continue our efforts. This annual fundraiser is more critical than ever, as one of our funders, despite their love of our work, has to focus their efforts in other areas.

But with your help, we know our $25,000 goal is possible!

My boy Igg turns 13 this January. The love I have for him is so deep it hurts at times, honestly. We have made each other’s lives so much better than they ever could have been. Every shelter animal deserves this. Please join me in ensuring all the Iggys in the world have their best chance at their very own happily ever after. Follow this link to donate or join our fundraising team and show that you’re an active part of our movement to shine light on shelter animals.

Every $10 is an entry into our January 8th drawing for the grand prize of a PEP workshop at the shelter or rescue of the donor’s choice (a $2,500 value!) We’ve put together a fun toolbox filled with email templates, photos, overlays, even a video, to help you promote your campaign, here.

There are many opportunities to give during the holidays and it can seem overwhelming, but remember the passion that unites us, and what we’re working towards. By supporting HeARTs Speak, you’re truly becoming an ally for animal shelters and all the animals they care for.



Lisa Prince Fishler, Founder and Executive Director


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