Thanks to the generous support of people and organizations that share our passion for animals, HeARTs Speak is able to provide member artists with the resources and tools they need to prioritize their work in the animal welfare community. John Bouma is our fourth featured recipient of the HeARTs Speak ‘Helping. Artists.’ grant.

John is owner of Max Norman Pet Photography and resides in Florida. He devotes a large chunk of his time helping his local facility, Miami-Dade Animal Services, and has photographed numerous animals on their behalf. He also fosters for them on occasion!

With the Helping. Artists. grant, John was able to indulge in some double duty, visiting the shelter twice a week as opposed to his typical one visit. He’s also managed to recruit some volunteers who have proved helpful in the quest to photograph large volumes of animals.

John says, “I photographed mostly large breed dogs outside in a park that is on the shelter premises. When it rains I usually set up a backdrop inside and work with smaller breed dogs. I usually photography a few kittens every week as well. ”

John’s work is a huge leg-up for the animals he meets, and we know he is a huge asset to his community.

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