Inclusive Stock Photos: People and Pets Together

Updated Feature Image For Free Inclusive Stock Images

In 2023, we launched a site called, #ThankstoMaddie, in response to the gap in accurate and inclusive stock images for the animal wellbeing field. The goal of this photo library is to increase inclusivity and provide a welcoming environment for all community members.

This library of photos is free to use for nonprofit and government-run animal welfare organizations of all shapes and sizes. Over the course of two years, additional photos will be added on a regular basis, so check back often!

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It’s critical to note that more diverse imagery alone will not make our organizations more inclusive. Those changes start with leadership, policies, and all of our programmatic and mission-driven interactions. However, once those foundational changes are taking place, it’s our greatest hope that these images help ensure that your diverse community of clients, adopters, supporters, and collaborators see themselves in the depictions of pet-loving individuals and families.