Communications Kit: Lost Pet Reunification

Lost Pet Preview Image

Lost pet reunification focuses on getting lost pets home to their people, and preventing pets from becoming lost again. Over the years, the animal sheltering field has come to recognize that many of the animals who we’ve historically referred to as “stray” are likely lost. They come to us well-cared for and in some cases, are found just yards away from their home. Reuniting these pets with their families is a top priority—doing so will keep more families together, and ensure your shelter isn’t filled with pets who could and should be home with their families instead.

This kit will help you communicate with your community about your and their role in getting lost pets back home using a multimedia approach to reach more people. Explore editable graphics, media pitch templates, FAQs, and more customizable materials as well as sample social media posts and storytelling inspiration.


  • Learn About It: Why is it important to talk about lost pet reunification as often as we talk about adoption?
  • Talk About It: Customize your messages and graphics about what to do with a found pet, how to reunite with a lost pet, keeping pets safe during fireworks season, and more!
    • Media Pitch Templates
    • 100% Editable Graphics
    • Talking Points (plus bonus storytelling ideas to diversify your narrative)
  • Dive Deeper: Everything you need to take your communications to the next level!
    • Real-world examples from other shelters!
    • Frequently Asked Questions you can customize for the public
    • Webinars, blogs, and resources for learning more!






This toolkit was created through a collaboration between Human Animal Support Services (HASS) project and HeARTs Speak for organizations of every size and budget!


The graphic templates in the toolkit use Canva, a design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content. Most excitingly, it can be used for free or with a paid account (free for nonprofits!). Download this Quick-Read Instructional Guide to get started.