A Shelter Dog Story From Start to Happy End

And for a shelter pet, that story can be the link to a lifetime of love and happiness.


Well, this is Indy before he had a photo that helped him tell his true story.


Indy arrived at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control as a stray and quickly captured the hearts of the staff and volunteers caring for him. With their help, he made his way to All Border Collie Rescue, who secured him a foster home outside Fort Worth on an acreage that had a herd of rescue donkeys and rescue longhorns in addition to six rescue Border Collies.

With a new place to rest and wait, all that stood between Indy and happily-ever-after was a portrait that captured his true nature — and told the story he was born to tell. A story brimming with energy, playfulness, character, and determination. A story that could help him connect, through a screen, with someone who would love him for the rest of his life.

Enter: Julia Rigler, a photographer, and HeARTs Speak artist member with firsthand experience in the power of a photograph. Julia set Indy up with these beautiful portraits, giving a voice to his special soul, and allowing him the chance to shine.



Molly lives in San Francisco, and saw Julia’s photos of Indy on Petfinder. The portraits, combined with Indy‘s dazzling bio, sparked something inside her, and she immediately applied to adopt him despite the 2-day drive separating them.

Molly was approved to be Indy‘s new Mom on a Sunday and, 5 days later, was on a plane to Dallas to meet her new friend and make it official. Then they made the drive home together. Two lives now in beautiful unison, thanks to a photograph.


And now…
Indy spends his days frolicking on the beach in his new city. Ecstatic, free, and home.



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