Shining a Light on Senior Pets

Seniors For Seniors7

Published Nov 2016, Updated January 2024: Grey-faced and mature pets sometimes encounter a bit of a challenge when it comes to adoption. Perhaps it’s our very human reaction to try and protect our hearts from the impending loss of a pet. Maybe older pets force us to come to terms with our own mortality in…

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10 Tips for Social Media Success in 2023

Social Tips

Growing a healthy, engaged social media following can feel like a slow process, but the good news is that just a little time and consistency can achieve a lot of quality connections. For 2023, our main focus is on Instagram as a tried-and-true favorite with lots of growth potential, as well as TikTok and the…

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Tips for Rocking Social Media on a Tight Schedule


Hands up if your to-do list currently resembles the opening crawl from Return of the Jedi. Somewhere along our evolutionary journey from smoke signals to TikTok, life got busy. Like, really busy. And let’s be real: sometimes social media can feel like both the cause of and solution to a hectic schedule. Thankfully, knowing where…

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5 Go-To Social Media Strategies for Shelters

Socialmedia 1

Social media is a central component of most shelter pet marketing strategies — and as you’ve surely already noticed, it moves faster than a dog that just heard a cheese wrapper in the next room. Reels, live-streaming, and good old TikTok are picking up momentum, video charges ahead as the most-consumed type of content, and…

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Creating an Internal Stock Library Shelter Shot List

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When it comes to putting our best marketing foot forward in animal welfare, much of promoting our animals, services, and organizations comes down to being able to tell the stories of our work. Beyond promoting available animals, we start to connect with our communities best when we’re showing them everything from the enrichment we provide…

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Easy Tips for Great Shelter Pet Photos

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Photos are a vital part of not only finding homes faster for homeless pets but transforming the way communities perceive shelters and pet adoption. A great photo helps a pet make an emotional connection in an instant— and that can be the key to motivating someone to visit the shelter to save a life. Here…

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Your Social is On Fire! (Here’s How Not to Burn Out)

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Go you! You’ve been absolutely killing it on social media! Your posting schedule is robust, no comment goes unresponded to, and your engagement is through the roof. But, rather than riding high on your success, you’re feeling erratic. After months of highly-engaged posts, you’ve found yourself getting sloppy and uninspired. Each new push notification makes…

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5 Fast Tips for Great Pet Bios


Start With What You Notice When you meet this animal or see a picture of it, what immediately stands out to you? From big to small, to outlandish to obvious — jot it all down! The most compelling descriptions are relatable and describe animals the way we describe our own pets. Use this opportunity to…

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How to Make Shelter Marketing Magic, No Matter Your Setup

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Getting into marketing was one of the most intimidating, exciting, overwhelming, and fun things I have ever done in my professional career. I had always loved taking pictures of animals at work, and they would usually come out okay. They were never totally in focus and the lighting was sometimes a little off, which I…

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How Photos Are Important to Pet Adoption: A Study

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For every 10 dogs that enter an animal shelter in the United States, approximately five are adopted, two are returned to their owner, and two never leave because they are euthanized or die at the shelter. To increase dog adoption, animal shelters often photograph dogs and share the photos online. As a member of HeARTs…

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