A Friend in the Field: The Shelter Photography Field Guide

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Batman is great, but let’s get one thing straight: you can bet Gotham would have stayed a big, scary mess a little longer if Robin hadn’t been tagging along for the ride. And is peanut butter truly as fantastic alone as it is with chocolate? Or jelly? Every Mac needs their (vegan) Cheese, and every…

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Back to Basics: Shelter Photography 101

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A quality photograph has the power to form a connection that can change a life. It’s a little theory we’ve lived and grown by here at HeARTs Speak since our inception, and it’s helped us unite a global community of creative professionals who believe the same! It’s also the foundation for our Perfect Exposure Project…

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6 Tips to Make Your Pet Photos Look More Professional

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Much like humans, animals won’t easily pose for the camera. Still, you can take professional pictures using the right equipment, experimenting with lighting and composition, and being patient with the subject. These tips can make you get the most of your animal photography session.   Edit Your Photos Whether you’re using a DLSR camera, point…

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10 Tips for Great Foster Pet Photos


Getting photos of foster pets can feel hard – sometimes lighting in our home isn’t the best or our foster has the case of the wiggles. And sometimes a pet can be camera shy. But thankfully a few small adjustments and the use of a handy cell phone can make a world of difference. In the…

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7 Tricks for Photographing Guinea Pigs

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Guinea Pigs are notoriously adorable – their teensy lips, their fuzzy cheeks, their penchant to demand treats five seconds after they’ve already been given one – but they’re also notoriously difficult to photograph. That is, unless, you know how to bribe them. I started photographing guinea pigs 5 years ago after adopting my first pair,…

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DIY Photography Tip Cards

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A beautiful shelter pet portrait can happen in any environment — even unexpected ones! These tip cards share a range of shelter pet photography setups using studio lighting and natural light and incorporate some handy tips and tricks for making the best of any environment.  

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Shelter Photography Basics, Part 3 Getting Great Photos Anywhere

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As we become more familiar with an environment — from play yards, to offices, to cat rooms and dog kennels — it’s natural to overlook their potential as stellar backdrops for adoption portraits. But beauty lies waiting in unexpected places, and this third installment of our Shelter Photography Basics series covers how depth of field and…

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Shelter Photography Basics, Part 2: The A Team

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Teamwork makes the dream work when it comes to efficiently and effectively photographing shelter pets! Because shelters and rescue environments can be unpredictable, busy places and personalities can vary greatly among adoptable models, here’s a team setup solution to help you make the most of your time and resources. You’ll come out the other side…

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