Local Bartender Prepares the Perfect Mix for HeARTs Speak

06 Jonericrainy

Orlando, FL – If you get on your tipsy toes and peer beyond those mouse ears Central Florida is most known for, you will see an alternate wonderland teeming with vibrant culture. Flowing in and around all the locally grown charm is a Wonka-caliber river of spirits.  We love our drink here and we’re home…

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What Was Exposed During the HeARTs Speak Perfect Exposure Project

Group 0328 Rev1

 Psst… it wasn’t just photographs. When HeARTs Speak caught wind of a BarkBox contest that provided an opportunity to win funding for a community project, we jumped on it. We pulled out our idea list of grand dreams, visions and things that could be pulled together within a certain timeline and that fit our mission. Community involvement and…

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