Social Media Live Streaming Tips

Livestreaming Featured

Live-streaming is free, powerful and easily accessible: a win-win for you and animals in need! In this downloadable PDF guide, Colorado-based HeARTs Speak artist member Monique Rodriguez shares her tips and tricks for successful live-streaming on behalf of shelter pets.  

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DIY Photography Tip Cards

Diytemplate 1 Sample2 1

A beautiful shelter pet portrait can happen in any environment — even unexpected ones! These tip cards share a range of shelter pet photography setups using studio lighting and natural light and incorporate some handy tips and tricks for making the best of any environment.  

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Pet Bio Writing The Roadmap

Roadmap Featured

The roadmap approach is a super useful way to whip up accurate, engaging bios in a little less time. We’ve included two tailored sets — one a little more playful, one more to-the-point. And you can also layer in mix n’ match questions! Available as a digital infographic, with each tailored section divided out as…

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Pet Bio Writing: Interview Strategy Infographic

Interview Featured

Conducting an ‘interview’ is not only super fun, it’s a sure-fire way to inspire some fresh, outside-the-box descriptions for adoptable animals. The process is very fluid and versatile, the results are playful, and it can even open the door to exciting visual interpretations for some bonus promo material! This infographic, inspired by our Perfect Exposure…

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Bio Writing Tools Adjective Alternatives


A unique, engaging, and endearing bio can be the spark that gets an adopter out of their seat and into the shelter! However, in the physically and emotionally demanding world of animal welfare where time and resources are often so limited, keeping the creative juices flowing can be a challenge. If you find yourself defaulting to the…

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Hashtag Cheat Card

Screen Shot 2017 05 24 At 4.02.40 Pm

Hashtags = happiness! Strategic hashtag use can help you build your Instagram following, and get your content seen by the right audience. Download this quick cheat card for some of the most commonly used hashtags for animal welfare posts. Looking for more tips and tricks to rock Instagram? Check out this post over on the…

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Social Media On a Schedule

Socialschedule Maininage

Social media is nothing short of a miracle for the world of animal welfare. It allows us to reach whole new audiences, save lives in creative ways, and maintain an affordable and effective marketing strategy while simultaneously transforming the conversation surrounding pet adoption into something more positive. But like all good things — it requires…

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Tips for Writing Pet Bios

Petbio Mainimage

An engaging and exciting bio is the cherry on top of a great photograph! In this 4-page guide, you’ll get fresh inspiration for new bios that work outside the box, and fun examples from HeARTs Speak artists that have sealed the deal for shelter pets.

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