Celebrating a Year of Lifesaving!

Across 20 countries, HeARTs Speak artist members are collaborators in creativity with countless animal welfare organizations. They’re providing lifesaving exposure to homeless animals by way of unforgettable portraits, enticing bios, and marketing materials that put shelter pets front and center. United in their efforts, they’re not only helping pets find homes faster, they’re changing the overall perception of pet adoption as an avenue for welcoming new family members.

As the year winds down and we take some time to reflect on our organizational accomplishments of 2016, (including a whopping 9 Perfect Exposure Project workshops, the creation of a stock imagery library, and the launch of our free downloadable resources!), we’re celebrating the extraordinary impact our artist members are making for animals.

They’ve dedicated hours of service and combined, the numbers are nothing short of truly incredible! Here’s a just a snapshot of the amazing work they’ve done this year in bringing shelter animals into the light and onto loving homes:

Earlier this year, artist member Sheryl Sellards Mann celebrated one year of photographing animals for Blue Ridge Humane Society. In that time she’s taken more than 4,500 photos!

Since May 2012, Quebec-based artist member, Genevieve Lacombe, has photographed 633 cats, 268 dogs, 108 kittens, 47 rabbits, 26 guinea pigs, 10 rats, and 17 other small animals.genvieve

In the past 12 months, artist member Chaya Baumbach has photographed 87 animals total for multiple organizations in her home state of Colorado.

Valerie Bruder, an NJ-based artist member and Perfect Exposure Project instructor, has photographed 145 adoptable animals so far this year.


Joey Phoenix visited MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Massachusetts twice during November to photograph their small animals. She spends about 2-3 hours during each visit, and so far she’s provided pro portraits for 60+ rabbits, chinchillas, rats, and guinea pigs.


Fred Strobel, an artist member located in Atlanta, GA, has photographed 407 dogs and 217 cats for PAWS Atlanta since September of 2013. In 2016, he provided portraits for 128 dogs and 54 cats, and in 2015, 120 dogs and 104 cats.


Aimee Davis is giving animals in her home state of lifesaving first impressions. In 2014, Aimee photographed 231 animals — 126 dogs, 104 cats, and a parrot! Throughout 2015 she photographed 140 animals — 65 dogs and 75 cats. She even fostered 10 kittens and published a book!

UK-based artist member and professional photographer, Luke Salter has photographed 82 dogs, 8 cats, and covered 3 fundraising events since beginning his creative collaboration with Bath Cats and Dogs Home in April of 2016.


Artist member Dawn Allen took a goal-based approach to her pro bono photography services in 2016 and aimed to average 100 adoptable pets per month (1200 for the year!). By November, Dawn had already surpassed that goal.

All of these extraordinary numbers add up to a whole lot of memorable first impressions for shelter pets across the globe, and we’re so looking forward to expanding our collective reach even further in 2017! Interested in joining in on these lifesaving efforts? Donate now to become an ally of animals and art — and help us create a world where no shelter animal goes unseen!

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