On July 31st, HeARTs Speak’s Perfect Exposure Project (PEP) team will arrive at Animal Care and Control of New York City to launch a two-day workshop to train shelter personnel and volunteers to better promote the animals they have available for adoption.

The purpose of the HeARTs Speak PEP is to empower animal shelters to take better photographs and increase the response rate of potential adopters by positively promoting shelter pets.

HeARTs Speak’s Founder, Lisa Prince Fishler states, “What makes our project unique is the comprehensive approach. Not only are we donating photography equipment and offering workshops specific to shelter photography, we guide participants through marketing and promotion which often gets overlooked after the photos have been taken.  We are helping each shelter build a self-sustaining photography program, with follow up.  By doing so, we are addressing the immediate needs of animals currently in the shelter system as well as affecting long-term change through positive promotion and the dissolution of stereotypes.”

HeARTs Speak will donate new photography equipment, including a digital camera, studio lighting and backdrop to New York City’s Animal Care and Control.  This innovative project was developed to educate and empower animal shelter personnel and volunteers to take better photographs, expand outreach, exponentially impact and ultimately save the lives of more animals. The workshop will focus on how to establish a well rounded, effective shelter photography and marketing program.

HeARTs Speak looks forward to bringing this project to more high intake shelters across the country.

The Perfect Exposure Project for New York was made possible by funding from BarkBox’s Hugo Challenge.

HeARTs Speak is a 501c3 non-profit organization that supports artists working on behalf of animals in shelters.  Its mission is to save the lives of animals in need by supporting artists, animal welfare organizations and communities. United in their efforts HeARTs Speak members serve as global ambassadors, assisting and educating their communities on behalf of animals.

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