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This exciting HeARTs Speak project is a fresh spin on image licensing that benefits both members of the Artists Helping Animals program, and the animals that inspire and motivate us — ultimately echoing the power of the virtuous cycle our community is built on.

Our galleries of licensable work are populated exclusively by HeARTs Speak members and promoted to a growing list of clients. This is a wonderful opportunity to generate income through your lifesaving volunteer work, while also contributing to a fresh face for pet adoption and shining light on the shelter pets you meet every day. Contributors can earn a competitive rate of up to 50% of the licensing fee. This depends on whether you’ve signed an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive contributor agreement with HeARTs Speak.

  • Exclusive Contributors earn 50% of the licensing fee but may only license the submitted images through Images With HeART.
  • Non-Exclusive Contributors earn 25% of the licensing fee and may license the same images with other agencies.

We’re looking for a wide variety of content — from studio to on-location photography, lifestyle, with or without people, or any other creative imagery! Check out these examples to learn more!

How it works

  • Start by reading through the submission guidelines, then digitally submitting either the Exclusive or Non-Exclusive contributor agreement linked below.
  • Ideally, you have property releases for animals and model releases for people, also available below, to accompany your images. (If this is not possible, we will accept images without a release if you will attest to the fact that, to the best of your knowledge, this would be alright with anyone with a connection to the location and/or subject(s).
  • Get your images all ready to submit! Fully edit them, remove any watermarks, then transfer all files for consideration to our server via FTP. We recommend FileZilla and have a video tutorial on how to do this, below.
  • Want to learn more about stock image licensing? Check out this course from HeARTs Speak artist member Susan Schmitz — members get 20% off with the code ‘HS20′.
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Promo Tools

Overview Preview

Submission overview

Releases Preview

Model & Property Releases

Fullsubmission Guidelines Link

Full submission Guidelines packet

Download flyers, overlays, and promo graphics for explaining and spreading the word about your affiliation with and contributions to Images With HeART! This file also includes a cover letter to accompany your requests for releases.

Learn more about the submission process, including image specifications and requirements.

Download these free model and property releases and complete them to accompany your image submissions. Animals will require a property release, and people will require a model release.

Ready to dive in? Download this full contributor information packet, covering the full submission guidelines, sample image guides to inspire, and a handy checklist to make sure your images are in order before submitting.


Exclusive contributor agreement

Digitally complete and submit the exclusive contributor agreement to begin contributing work for licensing.


Non-exclusive contributor agreement

Digitally complete and submit the non-exclusive contributor agreement to begin contributing work for licensing.

Ftp upload tutorial

Once you’re ready to submit your imagery, follow these instructions for using the FTP submission system.

Image metadata tutorial

Learn how to optimize the metadata for your image submissions.

We're here to help!

It is our goal to make the submission process as simple and streamlined as possible, but we know licensing can be complex. Got a question? We love them! Email us at [email protected].