HeARTs Speak A devoted HeARTs Speak member since October 2012, Valerie Bruder is also a tireless advocate for the homeless pets in her community. We’re delighted to introduce her as our June ‘Helping. Artists.’ grant recipient!

The list of animal welfare organizations Valerie regularly helps is staggering and includes Camden County Animal Shelter, All They Need is Love Animal Rescue, One Love Animal Rescue, Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue, New Jersey Aid for Animals, and Lilo’s Promise. She’s provided her professional photography, pro-bono, to a total of 18 groups since becoming a member of HeARTs Speak, and photographs up 20 animals per visit.

HeARTs Speak The hopeful residents of these rescues enter Valerie’s professional studio in New Jersey and leave with a stunning portrait that won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. In addition, Valerie regularly visits each facility in person and, with the help of a group of dedicated shelter volunteers, holds on-location photo shoots to supplement the stellar studio work.

Valerie says “I am truly humbled by the dedication of the volunteers that do this work every day. The people that spend their free time rescuing, walking, training, loving and advocating for these animals are truly amazing.”

Thanks to the generous support of people and organizations that share our passion for animals, HeARTs Speak is able to provide member artists with the resources and tools they need to prioritize their work in the animal welfare community.

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