Tall tasks often benefit from a little creativity. Across the globe, our artist members are pushing open a new door to animal welfare and unpacking a fresh approach to saving the lives of shelter pets. Through professional photographs and creative marketing, they’re granting homeless pets unforgettable first impressions that hook adopters and forge lifelong bonds.

As a vehicle for expanding our reach even further and to supplement these artists’ incredible work, we created the Perfect Exposure Project.


Serving as a fresh, innovative approach to pet promotion, the Perfect Exposure Project is concentrated collaboration. Our team of professional instructors visits open-admission shelters and holds an immersive 2-day workshop during which shelter staff and volunteers learn to take eye-catching photos of their adoptable pets, and then promote them via creative bios and effective social media use. We even donate professional camera equipment and studio lighting for the shelter to continue using after we leave!

Until March 31st, shelters can apply for a grant that will allow their staff and volunteers to experience our 2-day creative marketing workshop and professional photography training.

The workshop is perfect for any staff members and volunteers interested in learning new tricks for effectively promoting shelter pets, regardless of skill level or photography experience, and covers everything from photography basics to social media marketing and creative bio writing!

There are a limited number of grants available, so start spreading the word to the shelters in your area and the HeARTs Speak team could be bringing its special brand of positivity and creativity to your community!

Want to see more? Take a look at how our 2015 round of Perfect Exposure Projects went!


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