Shelter Photography Field Guide


Designed for shelter staff, volunteers, and creatives looking to more effectively photograph and promote adoptable animals in a shelter setting, the Shelter Photography Field Guide covers everything from the basics of exposure to social media marketing.

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The official sidekick to the Perfect Exposure Project workshops, the Shelter Photography Field Guide, is now available to anyone looking to get a better grasp on photographing and promoting adoptable animals.

Designed for shelter staff, volunteers, and photographers of any skill level, this go-to manual summarizes everything taught throughout the Perfect Exposure Project. It’s a fun balance of imagery and information and includes popular hits such as:

  • Photography tips applicable to shelter and rescue environments
  • Working with dogs and cats
  • Post-processing tips and image guidelines for popular adoption sites
  • Adoption bio writing inspiration
  • Social media best practices and marketing ideas

100% of proceeds from the sale of this guide go directly to HeARTs Speak, helping to ensure programs such as the Perfect Exposure Project continue.

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