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Thank you for registering! As you saw on the previous page, we're currently asking that you limit yourself to 14 images, and the coupon code is only for "COVID19 Response" web-sized licenses through May 31st. We're grateful in advance for your respect of those limitations!

Downloading Images:

The coupon code below is only for use with images in the, "FIGHTING COVID-19 TOGETHER: IMAGES DONATED FOR SHELTER USE" gallery. It can only be applied to 1 image at a time. (we're sorry for any inconvenience on that front, simply a limitation of the platform). However, you are welcome to return to the gallery and use the same coupon code again, up to 14 times.

Look through the gallery. When you find an image you'd like, simply click on it and then navigate to the box "Buy License" beneath the image. This will pop up a window where you'll have the option to choose either Buy License, or,  "COVID19 Response." Select that!

From there, click "View Cart". Enter your coupon code and click "Add" for it to take effect. Complete checkout (we suggest creating an account to make future checkouts a lot faster/easier!). Once complete, your file will be ready for download (and you'll also receive an email with link).

Ready To Dive In?

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BONUS: If you need images for print, or are interested in an image from one of the many other galleries, or have reached your maximum download of 14 images, we're also offering 50% off of all image with the code: TOGETHER4PETS