Community-Focused Communications Strategy

December 6

Keeping more families and pets together requires a strategic approach to getting the word out about your organization’s community-focused philosophy and programs. Throughout the past year,  together with Human Animal Support Services, we have created a series of communications kits to help you talk to your constituents about the many ways that you are supporting people and pets. Now, it’s time to look at how you can use these kits as the foundation of a robust and comprehensive marketing plan.

Consider this 12-month communications planner your roadmap to building connections and deepening understanding about your community-focused programs and efforts. Like all good plans, there’s built-in flexibility. In fact, you can think of this editorial calendar as a choose-your-own-adventure map that requires you to make some core decisions and set the course for your organization’s unique journey. 

In this kit you’ll find: 1) An introduction that includes a list of strategic considerations and ideas 2) A detailed planning document 3) An editorial content calendar for you to download and customize!



This toolkit was created through a collaboration between Human Animal Support Services (HASS) project and HeARTs Speak for organizations of every size and budget! All items are created in Google Drive, and to edit or save to your own copy simply click File –> Download.