Communications Kit: Supported Self-Rehoming


Approximately a quarter of animals entering animal shelters come in under the intake type called “owner surrender.” Supported self-rehoming is a way for organizations to help people find new homes for their pets, without those pets ever needing to enter the physical shelter. 

This kit will help raise awareness with pet owners about what self-rehoming is, how it can benefit their pets, and how your organization can support them through the process. Want to learn more about setting up a process for supporting those rehoming their pets? Check out the Maddie’s online course on building a robust supported self-rehoming program.

This three-part kit includes:

  • Learn About It: What is supported self-rehoming?
  • Talk About It: 
    • Talking Points about rehoming a pet
    • Media Pitch template to connect with local press
    • Customizable graphics and pet guide
  • Dive Deeper:
    • Examples
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Additional resources and readings



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This toolkit was created through a collaboration between Human Animal Support Services (HASS) project and HeARTs Speak for organizations of every size and budget!

The graphic templates in the toolkit use Canva, a design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content. Most excitingly, it can be used for free or with a paid account (free for nonprofits!). Download this Quick-Read Instructional Guide to get started.