**We’re Making Improvements! While our website undergoes some changes, we’re suspending applications for the Artists Helping Animals program momentarily. You can email us at for more info or check back in about a week to be one of the first to go thru our new and improved membership process!**


Woohoo! You’re about to take an exciting step toward becoming a part of something amazing. As our network of artists, marketing professionals, and advocates grows, so too does the number of shelter pets getting their life-saving moment in the spotlight. We’re so excited you’re applying to contribute your unique skill-set and perspective to our global community!

Your application will be reviewed by the HeARTs Speak Membership Committee, which is comprised of professional artists working in a variety of mediums. They’ll be assessing your overall style, technical proficiency, creative potential, professionalism, and both your online and community presence.

A minimum annual tax-deductible donation of $50 for Artist Membership and $25 for Junior Artist Membership helps to support and sustain our organization’s growth.

From the bottom of our HeARTs, thank you for your interest in joining us.

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