2019 Perfect Exposure Project Application: Shelter Photography + Marketing Workshop

2019 Perfect Exposure Project Application: Shelter Photography + Marketing Workshop

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2019 slots for the Perfect Exposure Project. Before completing your application please read the following carefully:

The Perfect Exposure Project is entering its 6th year of bringing shelter photography, bio writing, social media marketing, and communications strategy to shelters across the country! In this time we've worked with 41 organizations in more than 30 locations in the U.S., and trained 1000+ staff and volunteers. We take pride in the fact that this program is completely custom-built for the needs of animal welfare organizations, and takes in to account best practices from within and outside the field. Quality photos and communications can shorten a pet's shelter stay by as much as 60%, as evidenced by other PEP participant shelters, and we're excited to be able to work alongside organizations who are excited to invest in this lifesaving strategy.

The format of the Perfect Exposure Project workshops for 2019 include either 1 or 2 separate day-long photography workshops (hands-on training) hosted at a shelter/ shelters or rescues within a community. In addition, the final day of a PEP training is a day-long marketing workshop (covering social media, bio writing, positive marketing + organizational storytelling).

The expectation of both these workshops is that the applying shelter/shelters will extend an invitation to neighboring organizations and that as a result the program will retain a community-centered approach to animal welfare photography and marketing.

HeARTs Speak has raised funds for 5 individual, multi-day workshops in 2019, which will be targeted toward 2-3 geographic areas. Before applying, consider if your application should be completed with an additional organization (or 2) from within your community. Even if your organization does not plan to co-host the workshop for your area, please be prepared to explain what other groups you will invite or reach out to in order to retain the spirit of the program. Applying organizations can be up to 50 miles from one another (email pep@heartsspeak.org for special circumstances).

Our goal is to leverage collaboration between organizations in your community to ensure that this training impacts that greatest number of participants, therefore helping as many animals possible.