A Lifesaving Partnership

They say that life is all about timing, and that’s a concept that most pet owners and nonprofit organizations can agree on! HeARTs Speak was born out of great timing in 2010, when our fearless leader and Executive Director, Lisa Prince Fishler, adopted her best...

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Your HeART’s Work

Ask anyone why they volunteer or work with animals and you’ll probably get the same answer: fast cars, fame, and heaps of money. Oh wait, that’s why people want to be rock stars! People who work with animals do it because they care. Because it is their heart’s...

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What is a Photo Worth?

Some of the most memorable moments of our lives decorate our spaces in the form of photographs. They hang unassumingly amongst souvenirs, fridge magnets, and trinkets; tiny glimpses into windows of happiness. We grow so use to their presence, yet every time they catch...

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My Old Dog

Sometimes, not knowing what you are doing is a good thing. For me it has allowed more than one leap into unchartered territory. On May 29, 2012, I saw a face that changed my life. A face that was full of sadness, hopelessness, and despair. When I think back to that...

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Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

No offense to all the other months of the year, but October might be our favorite. Why, you ask? It’s not the change in season nor the crisp, colorful leaves that accompany it. It’s not the delightful act of pulling a much loved scarf out from its summer hibernation....

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Artist Grant Recipient: Diana Bunch

HeARTs Speak member, Diana Bunch, knows how to get creative on behalf of the animals in her community. Along with her weekly on-location photo shoots, Diana also invites adoptable pets to her studio for shoots, donates prints for fundraisers, and creates image clings,...

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