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HeARTs Speak is a nationally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization that’s uniting art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals.

Our work shines a light on animals in need and improves adoption rates by increasing the marketing capacity of time-stretched, under-resourced organizations. We work with artists, community members, and animal sheltering professionals to leverage creativity, collaboration, and connection in order to ensure that more animals are seen, and ultimately saved.

How we help

Our Impact



Hours of Service Monthly

Members of our Artists Helping Animals program are providing over 20,000 hours of creative service per month to animal welfare organizations — including 1/3 of shelters in the U.S. alone — impacting more than 500,000 animals worldwide.




Each year, the combined force of our programs has the power to provide increased visibility for nearly 1 million animals worldwide, bringing fresh, easy-to-implement pet promotion resources directly to animal welfare organizations & partnering with them to achieve their lifesaving missions.



Workshop Participants

Since 2013, our Perfect Exposure Project training workshops have empowered more than 1350 U.S. animal welfare employees and volunteers to more effectively promote the animals in their care every day.



Our EDU + Petblicity program sees more than 1000 downloads of free tools and resources each month, all designed to support animal welfare organizations in getting more of their pets seen and saved.

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All HeARTs Speak programs are powered by the generous support of the Petco Foundation

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