We created the Perfect Exposure Project because we believe that knowledge is for sharing. By providing basic lessons for shelter staff and volunteers to develop their creative skills, we’re granting more animals the unforgettable first impression their lives depend on.

The Perfect Exposure Project equips shelters with photography equipment and training workshops, empowering staff and volunteers of all skill sets and backgrounds to positively and effectively promote the animals in their care.

Workshops are dependent on outside funding, the scope of which varies year-to-year. Our upcoming workshop schedule will be updated below and is determined in partnership with the funder. You can experience the benefits of a Perfect Exposure Project workshop year-round by visiting our free downloads library, which is chock full of inspiration, and always growing!

PEP provided the tools and techniques needed to better showcase the animals at our shelter, directly increasing exposure and live exits.

Carolyn Fitzgerald

ACCT Philadelphia

Not only did I learn to take better photos, I learned to ask others for help and that some things need teamwork.

Edie Murray

Palm Springs Animal Shelter

It’s a piece of the puzzle that was missing and we needed to find… We focus on the quality – instead of JUST getting it out there. Amy Biancella

Creative Manager, AC&C NYC

Not only has HeARTs Speak given us this amazing equipment to use, and not only have they shown us how to use it, they just brought this enthusiasm and motivation that really got everybody excited. Alexandra Silver

Communications, AC&C NYC

The quality of adoption photographs have improved significantly since the PEP. Volunteers and staff alike are making use of the skills and techniques taught to them during the workshops. Many volunteers and staff now feel much more comfortable using the “fancy” camera. Even photographs on the “fly” with cell phones are of better quality. The photographers are focused on taking the perfect pictures that captures the animal’s personality. Carolyn Fitzgerald

ACCT Philly

Curious about the equipment we provide to shelters as part of the workshop?

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