Community Outreach

HeARTs Speak Perfect Exposure Project


In 2013, with the support of BARKBOX, HeARTs Speak launched the Perfect Exposure Project (PEP) workshops at two high intake shelters: Animal Care & Control of NYC and the Animal Care & Control Team of Philly.  Based on the success of the program and the feedback received from each shelter, HeARTs Speak is currently raising funds to offer additional PEPs to shelters around the country.

The Perfect Exposure Project is designed to empower animal shelters with the tools and resources to:

  • Improve staff and volunteer photography skills of adoptable animals
  • Increase the response rate of potential adopters and supporters through honest, creative and engaging marketing
  • Encourage positive engagement and promotion of the shelter and animals in their care
  • Foster collaboration, innovative ideas and creativity among shelter staff and volunteers!

The Perfect Exposure Project grants the following to applicable shelters:

  •  Digital camera equipment and accessories
  •  Shelter Photography workshop
  •  Follow-Up and communication throughout the year

If your company or organization would like to sponsor a Perfect Exposure Project email:

If your shelter is interested in applying for the Perfect Exposure Project please complete the application form, HERE.

To learn what was exposed by the PEP, click here.


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