Old n’ Bold: 6 Senior Pets Who Get Friendship

clydeFine wine, fancy cheese, and your favorite jeans are all things that only get better with time, but they’re no match for companion animals when it comes to the art of aging.

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month, a 30-day-long celebration befitting the old souls waiting in shelters for a retirement home of their very own. Here are 5 pets who understand that expert friendship is something you cultivate, refine, and apply liberally.



What is a Photo Worth?

photoworthavatarSome of the most memorable moments of our lives decorate our spaces in the form of photographs. They hang unassumingly amongst souvenirs, fridge magnets, and trinkets; tiny glimpses into windows of happiness. We grow so use to their presence, yet every time they catch our eye we are instantly flooded with emotion.

HeARTs Speak artists believe every homeless pet deserves a chance at being front and center on the family photo wall. Or occupying two thirds of your smartphone memory. (more…)

Success Story: Mali and Olivia


Few things fuel the soul like a happy ending. For those who are close to the day-to-day workings of animal rescue this is especially true. HeARTs Speak artists provide life-changing services to their communities, but sadly those photo shoots, portraits, illustrations, and written words aren’t always punctuated by a family walking off into the sunset with their newest addition. (more…)