Celebrating a Year of Lifesaving!

Across 20 countries, HeARTs Speak artist members are collaborators in creativity with countless animal welfare organizations. They’re providing lifesaving exposure to homeless animals by way of unforgettable portraits, enticing bios, and marketing materials that put shelter pets front and center. United in their efforts, they’re not only helping pets find homes faster, they’re changing the overall perception of pet adoption as an avenue for welcoming new family members. (more…)

Creating Change: Taking Action Against BSL

14_082116_camdenpep_09rwThis past week, the passage of breed-specific legislation in Montreal, Canada has rocked the world of animal advocates. Breed-specific legislation, known as BSL, refers to laws that regulate pets solely on the basis of breed or look (not behavior or incident) and is widely accepted as unjust and ineffective. Montreal’s ordinance has the potential to affect thousands of families who would be separated from their pets and puts the lives of many dogs at risk. (more…)

Applications Now Open for Our 2016 Perfect Exposure Project!

Tall tasks often benefit from a little creativity. Across the globe, our artist members are pushing open a new door to animal welfare and unpacking a fresh approach to saving the lives of shelter pets. Through professional photographs and creative marketing, they’re granting homeless pets unforgettable first impressions that hook adopters and forge lifelong bonds. (more…)

Perfect Exposure for Kansas City’s Shelter Animals

KCavatarThe Perfect Exposure Project began as a seed of an idea back in 2013. It was planted by the realization that, while the HeARTs Speak community continues to welcome professional artists and photographers around the world with a passion for helping, sharing our collective knowledge can stretch our reach even further.

Serving as a fresh, innovative approach (more…)

Merging Art and Education to Save Lives

JF_KCPEP_3131The wonderful thing about art is that it is limitless. There are no boundaries, no ‘don’t do that’s, and if you’re brave enough and bold enough, even the sky is no ceiling.

HeARTs Speak member artists employ myriad mediums to assist in the positive and powerful promotion of adoptable pets, endangered animals, and any creature big or small who might require a little human creativity and innovation to thrive.


Many HeARTs Make Lifesaving Work: A Look At Our Reach

HSInfographicAvatar“Slow and steady wins the race.”

This rings especially true for the big races, like transforming the perception of shelter pets and getting more companion animals into loving homes. It’s no small task we’ve chosen to address, and it’s one that requires careful, consistent attention, care, creativity, and innovation — all things infused into the HeARTs Speak mission by our diverse group of members. (more…)

My Old Dog

avatar1Sometimes, not knowing what you are doing is a good thing. For me it has allowed more than one leap into unchartered territory.

On May 29, 2012, I saw a face that changed my life. A face that was full of sadness, hopelessness, and despair. When I think back to that day at the Carson Animal Shelter in Los Angeles, I still get a lump in my throat. (more…)

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

BearavatarNo offense to all the other months of the year, but October might be our favorite. Why, you ask? It’s not the change in season nor the crisp, colorful leaves that accompany it. It’s not the delightful act of pulling a much loved scarf out from its summer hibernation. It’s not even the Pumpkin Spice Lattes (though those ARE wonderful). We’re all about the dogs.

October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, and since HeARTs Speak was inspired by an unassuming pit bull named Iggy, it’s not a stretch to say we welcome the month the way a 6-year-old welcomes Christmas morning. (more…)

Don’t Lose Hope


HeARTs Speak artists are an exceptional breed. Our tough, seemingly impenetrable exteriors are complimented by soft and unapologetically patient centers. We’re loud and proud about our love and respect for all living things. We celebrate even the tiniest victories, and we hurt deeply when things don’t end happily. We’re altogether smart, focused, forces to be reckoned with, and the nicest people you’ll meet. (more…)

What Was Exposed During the HeARTs Speak Perfect Exposure Project

placeholder Psst… it wasn’t just photographs.

When HeARTs Speak caught wind of a BarkBox contest that provided an opportunity to win funding for a community project, we jumped on it. We pulled out our idea list of grand dreams, visions and things that could be pulled together within a certain timeline and that fit our mission. Community involvement and education have always been an arm that we couldn’t wait to flex so we looked to our Education Director Jill Flynn for ideas that were churning. The Perfect Exposure Project was conceived. (more…)