Many HeARTs Make Lifesaving Work: A Look At Our Reach

HSInfographicAvatar“Slow and steady wins the race.”

This rings especially true for the big races, like transforming the perception of shelter pets and getting more companion animals into loving homes. It’s no small task we’ve chosen to address, and it’s one that requires careful, consistent attention, care, creativity, and innovation — all things infused into the HeARTs Speak mission by our diverse group of members. (more…)

Your HeART’s Work

10922439_982359271793468_2502902208671611115_nAsk anyone why they volunteer or work with animals and you’ll probably get the same answer: fast cars, fame, and heaps of money. Oh wait, that’s why people want to be rock stars! People who work with animals do it because they care. Because it is their heart’s work. So let me ask you something, just between us: when was the last time you thought about how the work you do with animals is having an impact on your heart?

As a volunteer or a staff member at a shelter or rescue, you’re exposed to so many animals and people who are in need of help. (more…)

A New Friend in the Field

Untitled-2Batman is great, but let’s get one thing straight. You can bet Gotham would have stayed a big, scary mess a little longer if Robin hadn’t been tagging along for the ride. And is peanut butter truly as fantastic alone as it is with chocolate? Or jelly? Every Asterix needs their Obelix, and every Shaggy knows how important their Scooby is. What the faithful sidekick may lack in bravado, they make up for by quietly serving as the brains of the operation; the unfaltering support system that even tough-as-nails heroes need to succeed. (more…)

Sheltered: Art Benefit for Animals At Risk

shelteredavatarHearts Speak member Charlene Logan Burnett is the founder and organizer behind Sheltered, a nationally curated art exhibit, which seeks to raise awareness of the staggering number of homeless animals who will never find shelter.

The show opens at Davis Arts Center, Davis, CA with a reception on Friday, October 10, 2014. The exhibit runs five weeks and closes with a silent auction on November 14. Over 50 artists, selected by curator Ryann Casey, will donate a portion of sales to beneficiaries of the exhibit: Alley Cat Allies4 R Friends, and Mow Wow Animals. (more…)

Top 10: September 2014

top10HeARTs Speak artists cover a lot of ground. We’re home to over 500 members in 43 states and 13 countries, and that equates to a whole lot of professionally photographed, painted, sculpted, and illustrated adoptable pets. It’s also a highly respectable number of perfectly crafted bios, countless fundraising items, and a plethora of happy stories.

As vital as social media is to promoting the HeARTs Speak mission, we can only share so much of our members wonderful work. Our monthly ‘Top 10’ features serve to spotlight even more of the wonderful animals our members have met throughout the month, and the work they’ve created on their behalf.  (more…)

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Pet Bio

junosmallA quality photograph is worth its weight in gold for an adoptable animal, but an effectively written bio to accompany it is the juicy cherry on top.

There’s no denying that words are a powerful vehicle for generating emotional connections; just think of your favorite piece of poetry or famous quote. A few thoughtfully selected words strung carefully together can move a person, or an entire generation, to action. (more…)

Don’t Lose Hope


HeARTs Speak artists are an exceptional breed. Our tough, seemingly impenetrable exteriors are complimented by soft and unapologetically patient centers. We’re loud and proud about our love and respect for all living things. We celebrate even the tiniest victories, and we hurt deeply when things don’t end happily. We’re altogether smart, focused, forces to be reckoned with, and the nicest people you’ll meet. (more…)

Welcome, Sarah!


In February of this year, HeARTs Speak welcomed with open arms, our new President, Sarah Tomolonius. Sarah is dedicated and passionate, and we’re overjoyed to be offering her the seat at our steering wheel. She has been a supporter of HeARTs Speak since it was a seed of an idea, and her steadfast commitment to the ultimate success of our organization is no secret. Having Sarah on our side allows us to continue to power forward with our mission to enact positive change for animals. (more…)

Adopt A Shelter-Cat Month

Parsley3cropThe fabulous days of summer are here, full of fun and outdoor activities, but did you know that June is Adopt A Shelter-Cat month? In some shelters, far less cats than dogs find their happily-ever-after, while some might not even be promoted to the public at all. Here at HeARTs Speak, we are lovers of all creatures, great and small, but there is simply no denying the altogether lovely, wild and fantastically eccentric nature of a cat. They’re a companion like no other and exist in a league all their own. (more…)

Deviant Art: Dispelling Myths

Thornton_Sarah_Greta_2013DeviantArtHeARTs Speak member Sarah Thornton of Lintu Art is the curator for the benefit art show, Deviant Art: Dispelling Myths. The show, now in its fifth year, raises funds for A Rotta Love Plus, a Twin Cities pit bull and Rottweiler rehoming, advocacy, and education organization.

This year’s event at the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis showcases work created by local and national professional artists, including Hearts Speak members Sarah Thornton, Sarah Ernhart, and Colleen Rudolf.